Employee Discrimination and Harassment Prevention

When it comes to harassment and discrimination, state and federal laws protect all employees. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is the principal federal agency charged with combating discrimination, and it collaborates with the Department of Fair Employment Housing in California. You would definitely benefit from the legal assistance of a competent attorney when filing a complaint with the EEOC and/or DFEH. While the EEOC and DFEH may be the first places you should go to exercise your legal rights, we will assist you in gathering evidence and building a detailed case documenting the instances you have experienced in order to maximise your compensation and avoid subsequent injustices.

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Representing Employees In Workplace Disputes

We can actively negotiate severance settlements for employees who are going to be fired or who are about to leave their jobs. We also help clients with contract issues, such as analysing noncompetition agreements. We can intervene even if you are in the middle of the procedure to ensure that you are treated fairly. However, you must contact us as soon as possible in order to have the greatest outcomes.

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Common Causes of Action in Employment Law

Employees and job candidates have specific rights and safeguards, such as the right to be treated fairly, the right to be paid fairly, and the ability to take time off for family and medical reasons. While federal employment laws set the bar, many states have enacted workplace legislation that give employees additional protection.

The following are examples of common employee concerns that end in Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaints and/or lawsuits :

Discrimination : Employees and even prospective employees may not be discriminated against for certain characteristics, such as gender or nationality.

Sexual Harassment : Considered a form of gender discrimination, harassment occurs when inappropriate sexual behavior occurs within the workplace. This can include unwanted sexual remarks or physical contact.

Wage and Hour : Your employer is legally obligated to pay at least the minimum wage, pay overtime when hours exceed 40 per week, and abide by other wage and hour laws.

Wrongful Termination : Employers may not fire you out of retaliation for a legal complaint or for protected characteristics (such as race, gender, pregnancy, etc.).

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Our Experienced Employment Attorneys fight for California employees who need aid in attaining justice. We are on the side of industrious people who are denied opportunities owing to unlawful, discriminatory, and unfair employers.


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Employees are protected by federal and state legislation. Employees who believe they have been subjected to workplace sexual harassment or discrimination may consult an employment lawsuit attorney. A lawyer can assess the situation and explain the employee’s choices. In the interim, workers should maintain precise records of any workplace harassment they encounter.

California law guarantees food and rest periods. Employees who believe they are not getting the breaks they are entitled to can see an employment dispute attorney. A lawyer may assess the matter and advise the employee on his or her choices, which may include suing. A potential claimant should read the company’s employment regulations and maintain precise records of their hours worked and breaks taken.

When you are dealing with a legal issue, you need to know that you have a qualified and experienced attorney on your side who will not stop until your case is settled in your favour. At Pacific Attorney Group, you’ll receive precisely that. We know the law and how to make it work for you after more than 70 years of combined expertise.

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